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Bishop Arthur Tafoya

The Knights of Columbus was started by Father Michael J. McGivney, an American Catholic priest, founded the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, Connecticut. He gathered a group of men from St. Mary’s Parish for an organizational meeting on October 2, 1881. It was incorporated on March 29, 1882. McGivney had originally conceived of the name "Sons of Columbus". James T Mullen, who later led the organization, coined the name "Knights of Columbus", which expressed the ritualistic nature of the new organization and drew from positive historical associations.The Order was intended to be a mutual benefit society. As a parish priest in an immigrant community, McGivney saw what could happen to a family when the main income earner died. This was before most government support programs were established. He wanted to provide insurance to care for the widows and orphans left behind. In his own life, he temporarily had to suspend his seminary studies to care for his family after his father died.

Family - Lead with Faith - Protect Your Family - Defend Your Values

Officers for the Council are as follows: Grand Knight - Patrick Byrne, Deputy Grand Knight - Lee Roybal, Recorder - Kurt Grogan, Treasurer - Jim Kelly, Warden - Jerry Osterman, Chancellor - Dan Gee, Inside Guard - Mike Trujillo, Outside Guard - Steve Grega, Advocate - Cliff Brown, Lecturer - Michael Garcia, Year One Trustee - Arsenio Vigil, Year Two Trustee - Bob Begel, Year Three Trustee - Joseph Santoro. Appointed to Financial Secretary - Mike Trujillo.For the Forth Degree Assembly the officers are as follows: Faithful Navigator - Joseph Santoro, Faithful Pilot - Archie Vigil, Faithful Captain - Bob Begel, Faithful Admiral - Jerry Osterman, Faithful Comptroller - Dan Gee, Faithful Purser - Doug Berg, Faithful Scribe - Kurt Grogan, 1st Year Trustee - Jerry Osterman, 2nd Year Trustee - Ron McCulloch, 3rd Year Trustee - Leonard Miles, Outer Sentinel - Chuck Bigley and Faithful Friar is vacant at this time.

Bishop Arthur Tafoya

Father Edmundo Valera and Bishop Arthur Tafoya

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Left to Right - click on image to enlarge1st photo - volunteers making burritos
2nd photo - volunteers working Bingo
3rd photo - Knight and Family of the Year 2023 - Ron & Kathleen McCulloch
4th photo - Family of the Month for November 2023 Leonard & MaryAnn Miles
5th photo - Knights of Columbus Color Guard at Angela Duran Funeral
6th Photo - Knight of the Month for September 2023 - Kurt & Linda Grogan
7th photo - Knight of the Month for October 2023 - Ron & Kathleen McCulloch
8th photo - Family of the Month for September 2023 - Jim & Sue Kelly
9th photo - Family of the Month for October 2023 - Christopher and Angela Racine


New Members of the Knights of Columbus
On Sunday, June 30th four new men were added to the Knights of Columbus during an Exemplification at St. Therese Catholic Church.
They are left to right - Cameron Leben and Paul Lauricella from Christ the King, Mark Mears from St. Paul and Jesse Gribbs from St. Joseph’s.

Bishop Arthur Tafoya

Knights of Columbus Honor Guard at the Crisom Mass held on March 19th at the Sacred Heart Cathedral. Along with Father Edmundo and Bishop Berg.

Bingo every Friday from 11:00 - 3:00. Bingo callers and volunteers would very much be appreciated.

Knights Exemplification
On Monday Evening, March 25th, at St. Paul the Apostle, two new Knights were inducted into the Knights of Columbus. Keith Varner and Steve Iskra.

Helping Moms Choose Life
This article appeared in the December issue of Columbia although the actual event took place in March of 2023.
When an abortion facility opened across from a local hospital in Pueblo. Colorado, in early 2023, District Deputy Robert Begel led an effort to purchase advertising space near the facility that promoted A Caring Pregnancy Center. Three Councils and Bishop Joseph C. Willging Assembly 90 contributed to the cost of the ad, which will run for 13 months on a bus-stop bench in front of the abortion facility. The bench was blessed by Father Jeganmari Thangavel, Administrator of the Spanish Peaks Catholic Community.

Bishop Arthur Tafoya

Cards of Thanks
The Diocese of Pueblo sent a thank you note for the $2,000 donated to St. Therese Catholic School. The Diocese of Pueblo sent a thank you note for the $3,000 donated to build the new Poor Clare Monastery. Conner Ryan (Seminarian) sent a thank you note for the donation of funds he received.

Upcoming Events

Next Council and Assembly meetings
No Council or Assembly meetings in July or August
The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday, September 12th. And the next Assembly meeting will be on Wednesday, September 25th.


For information on membership for the Knights of Columbus
Bob Begel 904-866-7759
Deacon Patrick Byrne 760-484-7759
For information on the web site contact Michael Garcia 303-829-5665
or email

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